Beach Dream, LLC Rocky Point House and Condo Rentals
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This is a Rental Contract for a property in Puerto Penasco also known as (Rocky Point), Mexico.  
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Beach Dream LLC,  is the owner or represents the owner of this property.  The property is located in
Rocky Point, Mexico described on the web site Beach Dream, LLC
has its office located at 2082 E. Horseshoe Pl., Chandler,  AZ  85249.. Phone number 480-636-0675
and fax number 480-895-4083 Attention: Steve Utter manager. E-mail

This contract is entered into between Beach Dream, LLC and Renter:
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There is also a cleaning fee per stay. The cleaning fee of this property is:
The total cost of this property is: add
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In addition to the total
cost, A refundable
Deposit of  
Is required in advance for security and
damage assurance
Enter the security deposit amount from the
above box.  Double it if you are under age 25.

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The security deposit will be refunded if, after inspection of the property, all is in good condition with nothing
missing and nothing damaged, nor is there any excessive cleaning necessary and also the keys have
been returned.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel more than 30 days prior to your arrival date you will only be charged $100.
If less than 30 days but more than 15 days, you will be charged 50% of the rental fee. If less than 15 days
you will be charged the entire amount. Although cleaning fee and security deposit will be refunded. No
refunds for bookings for Holiday periods.

Check the information described on the web site for your property regarding towels. All properties come
with bed linens but some do not come with towels.

Check in is at 3:00pm or later and check out time is at 11:00 am. Make sure all doors and windows are
closed and locked when you leave. Be sure all lights and A/C units are off.
If you have problems during your stay, contact Steve Utter or Geri Utter at 480-636-0675 or 480-636-0673.  
The local number for our service person is 638-384-0026, ask for Francisco.
Water and electricity: Electricity is rarely a problem. It is 110 volts same as the US  system. Your electric
devices will work fine. However it is possible to be without power for a short period of time. This occurs
even in the US from time to time and we are not responsible for power outages. Water can be a problem in
Puerto Penasco. Depending on your property there may be a water reserve tank on the property that can be
filled with a water truck in an emergency. Do not drink the tap water in Rocky Point. Only drink purified water
which is readily available all over town.

We recommend you get auto insurance for your car which can be purchased for about $15.00 per day prior
to your trip.  For your convenience, we have provided a link on our home page for your auto insurance
purchase. MexPro can handle your policy (  It is mandatory to have
insurance in Mexico and if you have an accident without proof of insurance the penalties can be

You can pay by check, pay pal or credit card. If today is more than 30 days from rental date then 50% of the
rent is due, 100% if the rental date is less than 30 days away.

Enter your name below, print yourself a copy then click to submit to us.  We cannot hold the property until
we get at deposit.

There are strict policies regarding the number of people per unit.  If it is discovered that you have guests
staying exceeding the specified number of people you will be evicted and no money will be refunded.

There are strict policies regarding no fireworks and keeping loud noise at a minimum to respect the privacy
of neighbors and a quiet policy after 10pm and before 7am.
By clicking "submit" you agree that you understand and hereby agree
with all terms and conditions of this contract.
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We suggest that you print yourself a copy before submitting.
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