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Rocky Point Attractions
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What to do in Rocky Point
The Old Port aka the Malecon where you can get clams for 50 cents a pound,
fresh shrimp and a dozen varieties of fresh fish.  Located in the Malecon or
old port area.  This area has a lot of Mexican curios shops and also the
silver jewelry in rocky point is excellent quality and at a very low cost.

Another famous shopping area is a local small market of 2 dozen shops
called "Rodeo Drive"  it used to be a dirt road with vendors having dirt floors
but the Puerto Penasco government spent 4 million dollars renovating the
area and it has paved roads and the shops have improved their stores as
well.  The prices are excellent.  It is on blvd no-reelection.  One of the main
roads on the way to sandy beach and Cholla bay.

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There are at least a dozen boats to go fishing on in rocky point.  The local
panga fisherman will compete for your business the day of your charter.  
They are located along the waterfront in the harbor.  Drive down to where the
shrimp boats are and you will see numerous people trying to catch your
attention for a fishing excursion.

Parasailing and fishing charters. #1 for fun in Rocky Point for all your ocean

Boating/ Sailing

There are numerous sunset cruise opportunities including the intrepid,
carnaval, fiesta cruiser and Rey Del Mar, the pirate ship.  All three of the
above links can help you book on these charters.

Food delivery to your room, max's pizza.MAX'S CAFÉ
ph. 383-10-11 to dial from the US 011 52 638 383 1011.

Golf: Enjoy the golfing at the new golf courses!  There are 3 golf courses.  
one located at Las Palomas, another at Laguna Del Mar and one at Mayan

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Massage.  interested in taking relaxation to the next level? Call Rita Pizzaro
638 386 5203 & schedule a massage at your rental.   If calling from the US
call 011 521 638 then the 7 digit number.  If calling from a cell phone in
Mexico dial 638 then the 7 digit number.  If dialing from a land line in Mexico
dial 044 638 then the 7 digit number.  

Grocery stores.  There is an excellent new Super Ley grocery store that has
most of the items that you would expect in a large supermarket in the United
states.  It is located in Rocky Point on Josepha Dominguez blvd as you enter
town.  They have a deli, meat department, excellent produce department and

Bars and nightlife.  There are many bars in rocky point including the famous
JJ's Cantina in Cholla bay and Manny's beach bar in the Mirador area.  Some
other new places are the Boo bar located in the Malecon or old port area,
Capones located in the Mirador.  The happy frog and pink Cadillac are also
located in the Mirador.  During spring break the Mirador area gets roped off
for cars due to the high density of bars in this area.  The baja Cantina is
located here as well as the ice house.  Many of these bars are only open on
Holiday weekends and for spring break.  The rest of the year these places
are closed and quiet.
Bringing a pet into Rocky Point?

Only dogs or cats are allowed
with a valid U.S. Veterinarian
Health Certificate Form  &
Rabies Certificate # 77043 (not
more than 6 months old). Any
local vet should be able to
provide these for you. Without
these forms, the border guards
could hold/quarantine your pet
which is both traumatic and
Better to be safe than sorry!

Please know that fees may apply
if you are bringing more that
three pets into Mexico.