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Beach Dream Rocky Point Rentals
Rocky Point Restaurant Review

Most of the reviews below come from La Critica which maintains a web site
called  I only chose restaurants from their web
site that have a minimum of 4 people giving the reviews.  I added a few
restaurants from my own opinions that I think are good and I frequent often
when I am  in rocky point.

Restaurant                        # of Reviews         Review Quality
El Capitan                                  6                            6/7 stars
Flavios                                        8                            5/7
Friendly dolphin                        11                          5/7
Hacienda Las Fuentes            10                          5/7
La Curva                                      16                         6/7
JR's BBQ                                     5                           5/7
Mariscos Lolita                           4                           6/7
Mary's Tacos                               6                           7/7
MOABurgers                                9                           3/7
Old Port Galley                            7                           5/7
Rosies donuts                            5                            6/7
Senior Shrimp II                          5                            7/7
happy frog                                    4                             6/7
lighthouse                                   12                           4/7
The Point                                     9                              4/7
The Reef                                      10                            6/7
SR Amigo                                    7                               5/7
Sonoran Grill                              6                                3/7
Blue Marlin                                  3                                7/7
Sushi Sun                                   2                                6/7
Porto Fino                                     4                                 7/7
Lapa-Lapa                                 8                                 6/7

I have eaten at everyone of these restaurants except Rosies donuts, The
Reef, Blue Marlin and Lapa-Lapa.  I have heard good things about those
restaurants.  I think MOAB burgers should be rated higher.

Some of my favorites that are missing from la critica are: The BOO bar where
they make you anything you want located in old port.
Capones Italian food run by three American partners. Pizza and wings and
they brew their own beer. Located by my beach condos on Sinaloa.
Vaca Chenta has Great Birria (shredded beef in a red chile).  Tacos only
$1.20 with a lot of meat on them. Located on the main B Juarez blvd. Just
south of Burger King.  Did I mention Burger King.  Recently built in Rocky
Balboas.  Located on the water in the harbor near the pirate ship.  Great
Choriza and eggs. Geat place for breakfast, nice fruit plate and a view of
harbor, water front dining.
Manny's  Located on the water (beach) and walking distance from my beach
condos.  Great breakfast lunch and dinner.
Sonoran Sky  Luxury breakfast buffet authentic Mexican dishes for only $8.50.